Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who am I? Oh yes, the trend spotter.


A new trend coming up? I hope so! I've seen it before, I think last year, but oh so gorgeous.

Party like it's 2008

A photo from an editorial in Swedish Glamour last year. I sure would like to look like that on a party!

What is reality anyway?

Natalia Vadianova in Numéro. I haven't seen an editorial like this in a while, so it's quite remarkable. Lovelove.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


source and source

Hedi Slimane sure knows how to take photographs.

Her name was Mary-Kate and she was wearing Lanvin


Lula Spring/Summer 2009 by Jonas Löfgren. Cutest ever, or what?

Are you lonesome tonight?


Siri Tollerød by Camilla Åkrans, Numéro March 2009

Crystal skyscraper

Wow. Christopher Kane. These would make me a very happy girl.

Flower shop shop

I'm super super super excited! 
I don't know if you guys have it, in wich country you live in, but in Sweden we have a thing called PRAO. It's sort of an internship, where you got 2 weeks to work somewhere (limited, you can't do hard jobs). 
And guess what? I'm done searching! I finally found two jobs (you can do 2 if you like). The first week, I'm going to be with a guy in the Swedish Kongress (sort of)! I'm super excited about it. I think a journalist is going to do an interview about it as well ^^, The second week, I'm going to work in this giant flower shop. I'm happy about that too! I have a secret obsession with flowers, you know :P

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts lately. But I've been overwhelmed with homework, illness and chores. I promise I will write more now.

Super gorgeous fantastic pictures


The first picture is today's inspiration. The one with Freja on, is just because she's super gorgeous.

Fierce indeed

I want that hair so bad. How did she get it that way??? Mine just looks like a crows nest. Uh.