Monday, June 8, 2009

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb


Kristen Stewart in an editorial for Allure Magazine (behind the scenes, so this isn't the end result). I love the styling!


Damsels said...

those boots look amazing oh what a tease i can t see them

modediktat said...

Hi sweetie, how was the weekend?
It was so cold here - it was raining all over and in next city was a small hurricane. Imagine! In central Europe...
OH MY G**** - Kristen Stewart looks amazing in that picture! You woudln't realize it's her from the first sight. And the dress..... AMAZING! Well, I'll knock her off and you'll take the dress ;-)
Wishing you a great start into the new week!!
much love, sofie

Marian said...

she looks amazing! love her in that dress. hope your well honey.
muah x

erin said...

i die.


Emz said...

ME TOOO!! I love the boots and the hair and eye makeup! Basically everything about it hahaa. I wish I could pull it off!

*** said...

Love the way they styled it!

Christina said...