Monday, October 5, 2009

Once upon a time...

One day, lovely Sofie said she wanted to sent me something. Okay, I though, believing it was going to be a small thing (which, just that, is a very nice thing to do). I picked up this HUGE package today, and in it - a supercute Topshop sweater, and two pictures of Volterra (where the royal vampires of the Twilight Saga lives!!!). I don't know what to send her, 'cause I know it won't thank her enough :) So, for now, I'm just going to tell all of you what an awesome blog she has! Visit Modediktat!

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modediktat said...

Hey sweetie,
aawwwwww, I'm so happy that everything has arrived in best condition! As mentioned: Wanted to send you the cards of Volterra first (they're really from Volterra, this place is impressive, but also spooky... ;) ) You really have to make it there!!
But then I thought - weeew, that's so small. Emma would be more happy with something else - and guess what - I was right! Hehe.....
It makes me so happy that you like everything so much, dear!!
And noooo - you don't have to send me something back!!! Your support and online friendship means very much and that is the most precious gift!!!
xoxo Sofie

PS and thanks so much for your wonderful collage :-D It means so much!!!