Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Awesome Girl Award

Lovely Sofie (Modediktat) gave me an award! Thank you so much!
You are truly the sweetest person in the blog world :)

The award requires you to write 10 interesting things about youself.
I don't know if my 10 things are interesting, but here they are:


modediktat said...

Hey my precious!
FABULOUS! I loved reading all your intersting things about you! Yes, they ARE interesting, of course!!
We share No 1, No 6 in parts, No 7 and of course No 10! YAY!
Jared is a smart guy. I liked him in Gilmore Girls though... Hehe.
I'm afraid of mosquitos - I always getting hysteric when I recognize that one is flying around while I'm trying to find some sleep!
No 2 - hehe, you're a smooth criminal?? Funny story! I had to smile so much about it!
What is Ahlgrens Bilar... Sounds not familiar but interesting....
What is that about your ears? Sorry to hear you have to went through surgeries for fixing...
So wonderful to learn some new things about you, sweetheart!
Have a wonderful day!
Much love, Sofie

Damsels said...

never make up you say? i wish i could do the same

Style & Beyond said...

LOL on the potato chip girl title! LOVE THEM TOO!! hihi

PS: bet you'll be bigger than Kate L.;)


thesydneygirl said...

wow!!!! the lovely sofie (modediktak) told me about your wonderful blog!!! i'm loving it!!! :)

and i liked reading about you. so funny that you sleep with a fly squater, and i admire that you wear no makeup.

have a fantastic day :)


xtinagirl said...

Love love Twilight! Can't wait for New Moon, right!? Cute blog, girlie!