Friday, August 7, 2009

Float like a feather, Sienna


Sienna Miller at New York Stock Exchange - gorgeous earrings, or what?


modediktat said...

Hey sweetieeeeeeeeeee, how are you?
I've visited and left a comment on your "going away for the weekend" posting but my comment has dispappeared!?!?
These earrings are fantastic, aren't they? Thanks for posting such a huge picture, I was only able to find a smaller one...
xoxoxo, S.

modediktat said...

Yep, Sienna is rocking the fashion world again, this little hot thing.

Uuuuh, I know exactly what your're talking about. Well, it has happened to everybody of us, right?... So, now is the time to rest a bit - and you're going to your godmother's boyfriend place this weekend?
We're going to a wedding of friends tomorrow. Wishing you a great weekend, babe!
I've missed youuuu + your great postings!