Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maurie & Eve Black Motorcycle Boots


A remake of the Sam Edelman boots, I think. Lav, lav, lav.

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modediktat said...

Hey gorgeous litle sweetheart!
sorry for the delay of my comment/reply/message/hug to you.
can you imagine - i have not watched new moon yet... so busy :( booohoooooo!
i hope i will be able to manage during the holidays...
well, sounds like a little round on christmas evening this year - will you be able to visit your grandmother on the 1st or 2nd day of christmas? i hope so!
we'll do almost nooooothing - and i'm looking so much forward to it! :-D i need to rest and to go for a one week winter time sleep ;)
you'll only see a blanket then and that there is somebody below and breathing and making some sleeping noises ;) hehe....
when will the holidays start? next week? i'm sorry to hear about the test, honey. but please don't worry too much about it. you're a very smart girl and i'm sure you'll compensate this very quickly!

sending you a big hug from coooooold, cold germany!
yours sofie