Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anti-Paparazzi Clutch Bag


"Photos? No, thanks! In response to the rise of paparazzi I created an anti-paparazzi device that communicates the desire to NOT be photographed. When the device detects a camera flash it responds with another flash that obscures the photo." - Adam Harvey /

Genious! I should buy that to protect myself from Papi a.k.a. the paparazzi of the family.

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modediktat said...

Hey sweetie!
How is the island and the holiday?
missing your comments already!
i hope you're spending a great and relaxing time with the family and enjoy the weather, even if it's in the evening hours when it's not so hot.
I love the idea of this reflecting clutch! And had a great laugh when I imagine you using it for protecting yourself against more and more holiday snapshots ;)
Have a wonderful time, dear!
much love, sofie