Monday, July 20, 2009

Sheer trend


Caroline looks absolutely amazing in her body suit from Aperican Apparel! Her shoes from Jeffrey Campbell don't look that bad either.


modediktat said...

YESSSSS - I knew that Jeffrey Campbell did some great buckle boots/sandals, too - and they're very adorable! The style is identic to the OC's, but the simple buckles are more easy to pair with accessoiries in other metal colors!

Damsels said...

hmmm. imwondering id sheer is a trend on the runways? i know it was spring 08 i think .
but now its making the rounds.
do i like it hmmmm
not sure
here i definitely do though .
i guesslike alot of trends you have to know how to wearit

h said...

så sjukt snyggt!

modediktat said...

[BA] Thanks so much, sweetie! It's great that you're back. Hey, did I told you that I have read all the Twilight Saga books within a week? In the beginning I wasn't very optimistic and not very keen - and the result was that I couldn't stop reading.... LOL
Have a great day!

Velo said...

oh MG! totally awesome and stunning!
love her shoes and her killer top!

modediktat said...

[BA] WOW - in one day???? Amazing! It took me five days and four nigths at all - and same here: at least everybody was confused and asked me to pause. But I wasn't interested. My fav books are the second and the fourth. What about you? And - team E or J? :-D

modediktat said...

PS: This one is sooooo funny:

modediktat said...

another one:

modediktat said...

i'm happy you liked the clips! guillermo is sooo great, i laughed tears... "it's called.... mexican!" - "waaaaaaaaaaahmpire" - hilarious!