Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Rad


I am loving this collection! The jackets are very unique, and I love the relaxed look.


modediktat said...

I've seen this today at Jak&Jil Blog, am I right? Yes, the outfits are amazing! I agree, the jackets are gorgeous and they look comfy!!

modediktat said...

Hellloooooo again :)
Hah - lucky you! New Moon will start in November in US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway etc - but in Germany it will start in - tataaatataaaaa - JANUARY 2010! Can you imagine????
I think I will travel to UK just for going to the cinema *lol*

modediktat said...

Emma, have you heard of MidnightSun yet? There is a draft available online (I didn't know that before).

modediktat said...

hi sweetie, i hope the weekend is fine there :)
almost finished midnight sun.... ooooh man, stephenie, spill it up, man ;) would be fun to read three more books out of eddies point of view. interesting idea, you didn't promise too much!!
xoxo, S. said...

agreeeee. I love theese looks.